Children & Young People Partnership


The following was agreed

Maintain and develop the Partnership to include a system design group On the back of the integration of commissioning, there is a need for System Design Groups to be established to oversee the delivery of the four Commissioning Strategies. To reduce the commitment to attend multiple multiagency meetings and avoid duplication of effort, it is proposed that the Children and Young People’s Partnership, takes on the responsibility of the System Design Group and is split into two parts.

Part 1: Wider Partnership Business – Support and Challenge sessions contributing to city wide agenda’s such as Fairness Commission and Plymouth Plan and provision of updates on significant agendas such as Thrive and Children’s Social Care Improvement.

Part 2: System Design Group – Contributing to integrated commissioning governance which brings together commissioners, providers and other stakeholders to drive, achieve and monitor change. This system design group will take responsibility for the Children and Young People’s Integrated Commissioning Strategy and centres on improving health and wellbeing outcomes, reducing health and wellbeing inequalities and improving system sustainability in Plymouth and support meeting the outcomes in the CYPP Framework.

  • CAMHS Transformation Plan

Carole Burgoyne and Judith Harwood received a letter from Mark Collings regarding the CAMHS Transformation Plan and the lack of any opportunity for the VCS to feed into the plan.

Fiona Phelps stated that she had the responsibility to produce a plan for the whole of NEW Devon CCG.  The purpose of the plan was to obtain national money of up to £1.7m into NEW Devon CCG to transform services with £700k potentially for Plymouth.  They did not start with a blank piece of paper and drew up a plan on how to secure the money.  The next step once we have the money (not yet received) more consultation and co-design would be required.

Carole Burgoyne highlighted that this was the type of challenge needed from partners.

  • February 2016 Meeting
  • Update form Judith Harwood – Child Poverty consultation closed 31/1/16
  • Draft Stem Strategy
  • SYSTEM Design:
  • Set up task group to merge Maternity Services Liaison and Early Years Partnership
  • Developing systems for participation of cyp in systems design
  • Set up task group for SEND reforms
  • Set up task group for vulnerable CYP 

Notes from the meeting held on 3rd July 2015 can be viewed here