Ongoing Items of Concern/Priority for PSCB

Ongoing Items of Concern for PSCB

  • The numbers and incidence rates of abuse and exploitation in the looked after children group
  • The links between Child Poverty and Safeguarding
  • How chronic neglect is picked up and identified. Guidelines to be written.
  • Specifics in relation to Mental Health
  • Specifics in relation to Autistic Spectrum Disorders . Discussions about behaviours or diagnosed condition and the differential access to services. Needs increased awareness and understanding across the board as increased ‘cases’. Also clear action plans and intention strategies. There is clear policy and guidelines, but more front line workers need to know.
  • Fabricated Illness – there is multiagency guidance, within South West Child Protection Procedures and national guidance within health services
  • Overall early sexualisation of children in society and wider culture
  • Sexually harmful behaviour
  • Self harm and suicide

Current Priorities for the PSCB

Increasingly diverse population demographic means that workers must be equipped to deal with safeguarding issues in varying cultural and family contexts.

Child Sexual Exploitation and how this is being picked up (or not) and that links between wider family based ‘grooming’ and the assumption about ‘gang based abuse’ are not being noticed. They are being seen and responded to as separate issues.

Female Genital Mutilation – how this is raised. Potential assumption and racism. Needs a fact based approach.

Inspection Of Services, meeting Safeguarding Standards.