Plymouth VCSE, your own robust, collaborative VCSE organisation has been running POP and POP ideas for a month now!
This means that you, as the sector, own them and can have a say in how they work, as long as you are officially a member. If you haven’t joined yet, you can join here

The Inaugural General Meeting with national and regional speakers will be on January 17th 2017.  To reserve your place either click on the image below or follow this link: Book here



Nominations for Trustees are in……..

Thank you for your response to the call for trustees for Plymouth VCSE. This is a very important exercise, as a good board of active and committed people from the sector can achieve a great deal. We appreciate the willingness of some very busy people to stand for this role.

Nominations are:

Alan Butler
Aydin Boyacilliger
Cassie Roberts
Chris Forster
Gail Wilson
Jackie Young-(nomination-form)
Jackie Young (Statement)
Mik Belcher
Roger Mitchell
Sarbaz Ahmed
Stephen Howard
Steve Waite
Tony Fuqua

The constitution allows for up to 12 trustees. As we have 13 nominations there will be an election process in the lunchtime (12-12.30pm) of the conference and Inaugural General Meeting on 17th January in Plymouth Guildhall.  All  Full Members are entitled to vote, see list here and only those in the room will vote. There is no electronic voting, or voting by proxy.

(Page updated 3rd January 2017)