Useful Fact Sheets

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Last updated: 3rd June 2013 (Starting Up and Managing and Developing sections)

Accessibile employment and services FINAL April 2013

Accessible events and catering FINAL July 2013

Accessible websites newsletters and publicity FINAL July 2013

Action Learning FINAL April 2013

Business Planning FINAL April 2013

Cashflow forecasts and budgets FINAL April 2013

Charities and VAT FINAL April 2013

Coaching and Mentoring FINAL April 2013

Collaborative bids and partnership working FINAL August 2013

Committees, board of directors or trustees FINAL April 2013

Communications and Marketing Strategy FINAL July 2013

Community building FINAL April 2013

Community Fundraising FINAL August 2013

Data protection Final July 2013

Employment contracts FINAL April 2013

Equal Opportunities Policy FINAL April 2013

Equality law and legislation FINAL June 2013

Events – licences and legislation FINAL July 2013

Evidencing the need for your project FINAL August 2013

Financial management FINAL April 2013

Funding and support from businesses FINAL August 2013

Funding from Trusts and Foundations FINAL August 2013

Getting ready for funding FINAL August 2013

Getting Ready for loans FINAL August 2013

Getting ready to trade FINAL August 2013

Getting things for free FINAL August 2013

Governing document (or constitution) FINAL April 2013

Health and Safety FINAL April 2013

Holding an AGM FINAL July 2013

How to benefit from collaborative working FINAL June 2013

How to choose your web host FINAL Sept 2013

How to Engage with Parliament FINAL June 2013

How to Start Up FINAL April 2013

Human Resources and employment FINAL April 2013

Insurance FINAL April 2013

Legal Structures FINAL April 2013

Local statistics and where to find them FINAL June 2013

Managing volunteers FINAL July 2013

Managing your grant Final August 2013

Marketing tips for newsletters and publicity FINAL July 2013

National Lottery funding FINAL August 2013

Overview of funding sources FINAL August 2013

Policies and Procedures FINAL April 2013

Quality Assurance Systems Final August 2013

Registering for Charitable Status FINAL April 2013

Safe recruiting and staffing for children and young people FINAL April 2013

Safeguarding children and young people FINAL April 2013

Setting up a website FINAL Sept 2013

Successful funding applications FINAL August 2013

Sustainability in the workplace FINAL April 2013

Tips for Press releases FINAL July 2013

Top ten reasons for rejection FINAL August 2013

Using funders’ guidelines FINAL August 2013

Volunteer screening and DBS checks FINAL August 2013

Volunteers – recruitment and selection FINAL July 2013

What is spam FINAL Nov 2013

Work Shadowing FINAL April 2013